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Top Features that Differentiate Meta Trader 4 from Meta Trader 5

Are you a beginner in trading? Are you using meta trader 4 for the first time? If yes, then you might also be knowing about meta trader 5. But what is the difference between meta trader 4 and meta trader 5? Any guesses? Well, below given are a few points that can differentiate the two.

  • As you know installation of this software’s is the initial stage of trading now days. So, if we compare installation of metatrader 4 and 5, then installation of MT4 is quite easy, simple as well as straight forward. But in MT5 while opening the account for the installation, Metaquote is a default.
  • Charts and time-frames are what that can best differentiate the two. In MT4, there are total nine frames and in the same time you cannot open a large number of charts. But in MT5, there are 21 frames and unlimited number of charts. Unlike MT4, there are no limitations in opening of the chart. You can open hundreds of charts on a single time.
  • MT5 comprises of an inbuilt forex economic calendar that comprises of properties such as date, time, news event and many more. But in MT4 this system is absent.
  • There is a presence of a market utility tab inside MT5, by which you can purchase forex products easily, but MT4 lacks this system and to buy this you have visit
  • MT4 comprises of 30 indicators that are inbuilt, but in Metatrader, there are 38 indicators that are inbuilt. Apart from this, it comprises of 22 analytical objects and 46 graphical objects.
  • Only two market orders and four pending orders are included in MT4, but in MT5, there are more orders i.e. 2 market order, 6 pending orders and 2 stop order.
  • In MT4, the main things that are utilized are the code editor and the strategy tester, which are used for advisor designing. MQL Programming language is used. Expert advisor that is designed to be used in MT4 will not work in MT5. It is because the codes cannot be transferred from mt4 to mt5. Similarly in MT5, there are a large number of utilities available for designing expert advisor. These are designed with C++ programming language.
  • In comparison to MT5, in MT4, it is easy to navigate the interface. There are few features in MT4 that includes click trading, drag and drop.etc. MT5 interface is a bit different from the interface of MT4. There is a presence of a search box in MT5.

Thus, these are the point that shows the difference between MT4 AND MT5. And MT5 has more features than MT4, but most of the forex traders usually opt for MT4 rather than MT5.

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Expert Advisor and Its Installation

What is an expert advisor(EA)? Any idea? Well, these are nothing but codes that can operate trading operations in the trading platforms. Usually these are written in MQL languages. But how to install it? How to use it? Do you know? This blog will let you know about this.

Having a Meta trader installed in your system in one of the important steps in using the best expert advisor. No doubt the installation is quite simple, but you should follow all the instructions for installing the expert advisor. So, here are a few steps that you require to install them.


First of all, ensure that the expert advisor is stored in the place where it can be accessed easily by Meta Trader 4.

Secondly, you might know MT4 is installed in the program files. So, after proper installation, you can start your system. By starting the system, you will find the program.

Thirdly, by finding the EA, you can access it.

This is the process by which you can install this on your computer. Apart from installing this on your system, you can also create your own EA. And it can be possible if your system has a computer programming background. Here, your coding skills can be used. It is highly essential to learn a programming language especially MQL4 and any other programming language like C++ before creating it .If you are a beginner on both of the fields, you can also study them properly so, that you can be an expert in this field. And once you completely understand the use of both of them and structure of the MQL -4, you can easily become an expert.

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